Ms. Lana’s 40 Over 40 Portrait Experience

January 23, 2024

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Ms. Lana, 52, of Wake Village, had something to prove to her husband when she did her 40 Over 40 portrait experience. “I wanted to show my husband that I can look like a real woman and not just a greasy-handed truck driver,” she said. “He loved looking at the pictures. He had a huge […]

40-Over-40 Portrait Experience of Ms. Angela!

Retired educator Angela Lee lives in Hudson, a suburb of Lufkin. After spending 30 years working as a teacher, principal, and bus driver, Angela currently owns and operates a Lufkin locksmith business that was originally started by her late father-in-law in 1956. Born in Nacogdoches, Angela grew up in Zavalla before starting her own family. […]

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January 19, 2024

Over 40 and Fabulous! Ms. Tamica

January 16, 2024

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An educator who lives in Gilmer, Tamica Hill, 46, was glad she signed up for her 40-Over-40 photo shoot. “This opportunity presented itself at a time I was needing something refreshing. It was just that. I am not one to weep and complain about getting older. I welcome it, but this new era needed something. […]

40-Over-40 Portrait Experience for Ms. Teri!

  Mount Vernon resident and teacher Teri Schlager, 47, took a leap of faith when she decided to do her 40-Over-40 portraits. “I’ve never been comfortable in my own skin so this was a huge leap out of my comfort zone–huge! I know that it’s important to love yourself before you can fully love others, […]

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January 11, 2024

Ms. Karen, Over 40 and Fabulous!

January 9, 2024

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Unveiling the Resilience of Ms. Karen in Our 40 Over 40 Portrait Experience Journey. Karen Ann Teehee, 61, recently had a life-altering event and needed to do something for herself. “I had recently become a widow and was feeling really down about myself and wanted to do something fun. I wanted to be able to […]

Ms. Mandi, 40-over-40 Portrait Experience!

Meet Ms. Mandi, a dynamic 42-year-old beauty from Daingerfield, TX. As a Vape Shop Owner and Bookkeeper, she is juggling a bustling life with her husband, Tracy, and four kids. Ms. Mandi recently indulged in the 40 Over 40 portrait experience, seeking a well-deserved day of glam and pampering, amid the chaos of a new […]

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January 3, 2024

40-Over-40 Portrait Experience of Monique!

December 21, 2023

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Reno resident and court reporter Monique McAllister finally took the plunge when she decided to do her 40-Over-40 photo session. “I have not had a professional portrait in decades and I wanted it to be different and fun,” McAllister said. “It was a wonderful experience including the clothes, makeup, hair, jewelry, and shoes. The whole […]

Over 40 and Fabulous! Ms. Paula

Ms. Paula had one goal in mind when she decided to do her 40 Over 40 portrait experience. “I wanted to boost my self-esteem and confidence,” she explained. “I felt amazing afterward. My favorite part was the excitement and suspense. Honestly, Rhonda made me feel absolutely beautiful.” That feeling of excitement is exactly why Paula, […]

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December 23, 2022

Over 40 and Fabulous! Ms. Belinda

December 23, 2022

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Ms. Belinda is originally from Ohio but grew up in California. As a wife and mother to four sons, she is thankful she had the opportunity to be a part of the 40 Over 40 photo session. “This was something I have always wanted to do,” she explained. “It exceeded my expectations. It was fun—not […]

Over 40 and Fabulous! Ms. Amy

For RN case manager Ms. Amy, participating in the 40-Over-40 photo session was a chance to do something special to give to her husband. “It was a wonderful day and the pictures are fabulous,” the 47-year-old said. “My favorite part was the hair and makeup and the laughter with Rhonda. It was amazing.” In addition […]

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December 17, 2022