Meet Ms. Brenda, a 57-year-old Operations Clerk from Crockett, originally from Pearland. Ms. Brenda recently participated in the 40 Over 40 Portrait Experience to break from her routine and inspire her granddaughter. “I wanted to show my granddaughter that it is ok to look sexy as long as it is done with taste,” she shared.

Ms. Brenda said,  “I loved my session with Rhonda. If I was to redo anything it would have been the shot with my old gun I inherited.” She enjoyed having her hair and makeup done and adored the antique props.

The experience was empowering for Ms. Brenda. “It’s just nice to spend time proving to yourself you still got it. I would tell a friend it is well worth the time and money,” she said.

Ms. Brenda’s favorite quote is, “Life is short, enjoy every minute of the ride.” She shared advice for her younger self: “Listen to your parents; they know what’s best for you,” and “Don’t be so strict on your child.”

Her greatest achievement is raising her son on her own. She dreams of visiting Times Square at Christmas and is most passionate about her granddaughter. Ms. Brenda hopes to reconnect with the love of her life, God willing.

Ms. Brenda believes her generation is perceived as “helpful.” Her top priorities are studying God’s word, maintaining good health, and being attentive to family and friends. She felt most attractive at her son’s wedding, saying, “I have always believed to be attractive you should look sexy but not trashy.”


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May 21, 2024

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