Meet Ms. Christa, a resilient 45-year-old originally from Killeen, Texas. Currently residing in Longview, she works as a Victims Advocate. Despite recent life changes, Ms. Christa perceives them as opportunities for empowerment and growth. In fact, she views them as chances to embark on new journeys and embrace fresh perspectives.

Transitioning to her participation in the 40 Over 40 portrait experience, Ms. Christa shares that it was a way to celebrate her journey and resilience. “I treated myself to a similar photo session as a ‘Happy birthday to me!’ gift when I turned 30,” she shared. Moreover, the opportunity to compare then and now, after 15 years, was a significant motivation for her.

The session exceeded Ms. Christa’s expectations, offering beautiful, insightful, and creative shots. Her favorite part was Ms. Rhonda’s diverse ideas for poses and props, making her feel like a lovely piece of artwork. “My session helped me remember that I have grace, power, and beauty,” she shared.

Ms. Christa’s story reflects her determination and dedication. As a single mother to her 11-year-old son and two fur babies, her greatest love is her son. Additionally, she is a motorcycle enthusiast and musician, bringing humor and resilience to every aspect of her life.

Ms. Christa’s favorite quotes reflect her wit and wisdom, emphasizing self-reliance and happiness for her younger self. Notably, her greatest achievement? Getting through a police background investigation.

Looking ahead, Ms. Christa aims to retire young and enjoy traveling. Her top priorities include being the best mom, prioritizing physical fitness, and maintaining a healthy work-life balance.

Confident in her self-sufficiency and inner strength, Ms. Christa feels most attractive now. “It’s just been more recently that I decided to find it in myself,” she said, reflecting on her journey of self-discovery.

Ms. Christa, describing herself as kind, smart, and resilient, eagerly anticipates the next chapter with positivity and determination.


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May 9, 2024

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