Meet Ms. Leota, a vibrant 59-year-old originally from Red Oak, Oklahoma, now residing in Idabel. Currently working as a Center Director, Ms. Leota recently participated in the 40 Over 40 Portrait Experience. When asked about her biggest reason for joining, she said, “I wanted to feel pretty and treat myself.” The session exceeded her expectations, making her feel comfortable and beautiful.


Ms. Leota’s life is, indeed, a testament to resilience and love. Furthermore, she proudly shared, “I’m a single mother of two grown children and three grandchildren,” naming her children, James and Amber, as the greatest loves of her life. She said her most significant achievement was earning her associate’s degree. 

Ms. Leota has a fun side too; additionally, she plays the piano. If she could change one thing about herself, it would be her place of residence. Moreover, her future ambition is to get her Master’s degree, and furthermore, going on a cruise is high on her bucket list. 

Guided by the motto, “If you can’t say something nice, don’t say anything at all,” Ms. Leota values kindness and friendliness. She advises her younger self to “watch what relationships you get into” and to “keep your head up.”


Ms. Leota wants to debunk the myth that older people can’t achieve great things: “Just because you are older doesn’t mean you can’t accomplish something.” Her top priorities are God, family, and self. Over time, her perception of attractiveness has evolved to “being pretty inside and out.”


Ms. Leota felt most confident when she graduated from college with a 3.54 GPA. She hopes to be seen as kind and helpful. 


Ms. Leota’s story is one of beauty, inner strength, and unwavering love.



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June 3, 2024

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