Meet Ms. Christi, a lively Healthcare IT professional residing in Lavon. At 51, she embarked on a unique journey of self-discovery through the 40 Over 40 portrait experience. When asked about her motivation for participating, she shared, “To make me feel good. To have reminders of how beautiful I am.”

Reflecting on her experience, Ms. Christi expressed overwhelming satisfaction, stating, “Exceeded. Rhonda had EVERYTHING. All I had to do was show up and the final results were absolutely amazing!” Her favorite aspect of the session? None other than Rhonda herself. “She is such an amazing beautiful soul and very funny,” Ms. Christi warmly stated.

When we asked what advice she would offer her best friend about the session, her response was clear: “That they need to go.”

“Live life. Don’t let your life live you,” is Ms. Christi’s favorite quote.” She deeply cares about spreading kindness and compassion to everyone.

Among her aspirations, Ms. Christi dreams of traveling into the rain forests of Costa Rica, an item on her bucket list.

Ms. Christi’s portrait experience shows how loving yourself and embracing life’s adventures can change everything.

The ladies often make it a fun girls day by having a friend or loved one schedule the same day.  Christi and her sister Ronda came together and each enjoyed their own session and a few sister pictures as well!



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March 20, 2024

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