In the exciting journey of her 40 Over 40 portrait experience, Ms. Tammy had a crystal-clear goal – to freeze the essence of 50. “I wanted classy photos that, even after I’m gone, my family could say, ‘Wow! Mom looked great at age 50!'” she shared with infectious excitement.


The session unfolded as a delightful surprise, surpassing her expectations with a wave of fun and pampering. “Yes, it was fun! It was great to be pampered. I felt very comfortable and had no inhibitions throughout the shoot,” she exclaimed. “My favorite part? Picture a laid-back atmosphere, a comfortable space where I could truly get into it. It was more than a session; it was an invitation to embrace myself fully.”


Reflecting on the positive impact, Ms. Tammy can’t help but encourage others. “I would say do it! You’re never going to get younger or skinnier. Take this opportunity to preserve the image of who you are!” she insisted.

Ms. Tammy is from Possum Kingdom Lake, TX. She now resides in Mount Pleasant, TX. Her immediate family includes Brian, her husband, Kendal, her daughter, and Jack, her son.


Her narrative is one of triumph. Following a challenging hysterectomy in 2013, unexpected weight gain brought misery. Fast forward to 2019 – a decision to reclaim health. Diet and exercise led to shedding 70 lbs, and this photoshoot became a symbolic part of her recovery, a testament to her success story.


Fun Fact About Her: A lover of photography, she once ran a thriving business. Rhonda’s light setup during the session had her swooning, rekindling the flames of her passion.


The greatest love of her life? Undoubtedly, her husband, Brian. If she could change one thing about herself, physically, she’d opt for a little nip and tuck. Her greatest achievement? No doubt, her kids.

Her life motto echoes Eleanor Roosevelt’s wisdom: “You must do the thing you think you cannot do.”


Reflecting on her 20-something self, Ms. Tammy’s advice is poignant, “Your family will be everything throughout your life. Take care of those relationships and try to move out of Texas.”


Bucket list aspirations? More travel! As the years roll by, experiences trump material possessions. Her favorite trait? “I’m brutally honest, and I’ve mastered the art of passive-aggressiveness.”

Future ambitions are simple – retiring, traveling, and, fingers crossed, welcoming some grandbabies.


For Ms. Tammy, crossing the threshold of 40 ushered in her true self. The worry about others’ opinions dissipated, paving the way for newfound confidence. Here’s to embracing the authentic, unapologetic self at every age!


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March 15, 2024

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