Meet Ms. Natalie, a 45-year-old truck driver originally from various parts of Texas, now residing in Tyler. Her life’s journey has been a tapestry of experiences, from moving around frequently to overcoming personal challenges.

“My family moved around a lot,” Ms. Natalie shared. “My most time spent in one school was in a tiny hick town called Teague.”

Taking part in the 40 Over 40 portrait experience meant a lot to Ms. Natalie. “I wanted to remember who I was before I belonged to everyone else,” she reveals. Divorced, shedding excess weight, and witnessing her youngest son transition into adulthood, she sought to reclaim her identity.

During her session, Ms. Natalie felt comforted by the supportive atmosphere provided by photographer Rhonda. “I never felt the weight of negative judgment,” she expresses, highlighting the transformative power of acceptance.

“Feeling like a model with the poses,” she recalls, enjoying the chance to feel more confident.

“My hobby is expectation subversion. I love to be what no one expects. I’m a 45-year-old short female truck driver who still dresses Goth, I’m not Christian but I consider myself to be kind and considerate. I’m LGBTQIA+ and an advocate for women’s and trans-children’s rights,” she said is a fact about her that others might find interesting to know about.

If she could change one thing about herself, she said it would be her perception of her physical self. “I remain kind. Even when the world is not,” she said is her greatest achievement. She would also like people to describe her as kind.

Ms. Natalie’s motto is “Do No Harm, But Take No Shit.”

Looking ahead, Ms. Natalie aspires to financial security and dreams of visiting Ireland. Her top 3 life priorities are maintaining health, nurturing routines, and fostering self-care.

“I AM STILL WORTHY. I AM ENOUGH,” she proclaims, advocating for self-acceptance and authenticity.

For Ms. Natalie, attractiveness transcends physical attributes. “I have always been attracted to a good personality,” she said, valuing kindness, humor, and genuine passion.

Ms. Natalie’s journey inspires others to redefine beauty and embrace authenticity. Her story shows resilience, self-discovery, and the power of self-love.


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March 14, 2024

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