Meet Ms. Anna, a vibrant 58-year-old retired Substance Abuse Counselor from Waco, TX, currently residing in Big Sandy. She attended Gary High School and participated in the 40 Over 40 portrait experience for a heartwarming reason – “A friend bought it for me before his death to show me that I was still beautiful at my age.”


Reflecting on her experience, Ms. Anna shared, “Yes. It gave me the confidence to date again and to feel beautiful in my own skin.” She cherished every part of the session, especially the process of having her hair and makeup done, changing outfits with jewelry, and feeling at ease during the photoshoot.


“Every woman needs to at least do this once, especially after 40, having children to make them feel beautiful and gain confidence in themselves,” she said she would tell her best friend about her session. Ms. Anna enjoyed her session so much, she treated her daughter to a session as well!

Ms. Anna’s greatest love in life revolves around her children and her new love since her friend’s passing.


Her greatest achievement is retiring at 55 and embarking on a new chapter in her life. Her advice to her younger self is “Be patient; it will all work out just fine.” “Stop being so hard on yourself,” she said is the advice she would also give to her 20-something self.


“Very well rounded in most areas. Raised my 5 children after their father died by myself and will drop everything if one needs help,” is the one fact about her that others might find interesting. When we asked her about what change she would like about herself, she answered, “Nothing. God intended me to be me.”


Describing herself as loyal and dedicated, Ms. Anna values family and friends. Her favorite traits are being tall, slim, and carrying herself with pride. When asked about her most confident moments, she pointed to her supervisor position and the heartfelt compliments from her young grandsons, who told her she looked pretty.


Embracing life on her terms, Ms. Anna lives by the motto “Enjoy life on life’s terms.”


Her bucket list includes being debt-free, retiring early, and relishing the beauty of love. “To enjoy life, to forgive and enjoy the beauty of love again,” she said is her future ambition.


When questioned about how she believes her generation is perceived by other generations, she responded, “As overachievers but loyal to others.”



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March 8, 2024

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