Unveiling the Resilience of Ms. Karen in Our 40 Over 40 Portrait Experience Journey.

Karen Ann Teehee, 61, recently had a life-altering event and needed to do something for herself.

“I had recently become a widow and was feeling really down about myself and wanted to do something fun. I wanted to be able to see what others saw in me. It definitely exceeded my expectations. I was finally able to see what others saw and it gave me the confidence to start working on the next chapter of my life.”

“My favorite part of the session was dressing up and I would tell anyone ‘don’t think twice about it. You will have a wonderful time.’”

Karen, who enjoys working on the farm with her boyfriend, Jimmy, also works as a storeroom supervisor in Ashdown, Arkansas. She says her greatest achievement is raising two wonderful kids.

“My kids mean the world to me.”

Karen’s circle of support includes Jimmy, Rickey, Casey, Teresa, Jay, Randon, Keith, Abby, and her mother.  With her family’s help, Karen is now creating a new path forward after dealing with a devastating loss.

“I feel most confident now,” she said. “I have moved on with my life since I became a widow and I feel like I can do anything that I set my mind to.”


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January 9, 2024

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