Mount Vernon resident and teacher Teri Schlager, 47, took a leap of faith when she decided to do her 40-Over-40 portraits.

“I’ve never been comfortable in my own skin so this was a huge leap out of my comfort zone–huge! I know that it’s important to love yourself before you can fully love others, so why not start here?! This session absolutely fulfilled my expectations. The whole experience was so empowering. It was a three-hour escape from reality. You need to treat yourself to this.”

Teri’s family, which includes husband, James, and children Ty, 19 and Brylee, 14, has been very supportive of her over the years especially when she accomplished a major goal in life.

“I lost 100 pounds six years ago,” she said. “ I love that people complimented my efforts and new look, but that was just my outer shell. What I didn’t realize that would be an added bonus to that weight loss was the self-confidence I gained. Being comfortable in my own skin was empowering and helped my personality come back to life. People were noticing that as well. So being attractive is more than just the outward appearance. It has a lot to do with how you carry yourself. Being insecure inhibits you from being the best version of yourself.”

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January 11, 2024

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