Ms. Paula had one goal in mind when she decided to do her 40 Over 40 portrait experience.

“I wanted to boost my self-esteem and confidence,” she explained. “I felt amazing afterward. My favorite part was the excitement and suspense. Honestly, Rhonda made me feel absolutely beautiful.”

That feeling of excitement is exactly why Paula, 40, would now encourage others to say “yes” to their own session.

“Don’t think about it and just do it,” she said. “You definitely won’t regret it.”

Originally from East Tennessee, Ms. Paula, a logistics broker, says her top three priorities include God, her family, and business.

“I am most passionate about my family,” Paula said.

One of her greatest accomplishments in life is being a successful business owner and a fun fact about her is that she has a spontaneous attitude.

“(My favorite motto in life) is hustle and motivate,” she said.

Motivated by her family which includes her husband and four children, here’s the advice she would give to her 20-something self.

“Never doubt your dreams and goals.”


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December 23, 2022

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