A poultry breeder farm operator, Ms. Carla, 59, knew exactly what she wanted to gain from the 40-Over-40 experience.

“I wanted to be beautiful and I got to be most beautiful and I laughed a lot,” she said. “My favorite part was wearing fancy shoes. I love fancy shoes. And yes, I did, as a matter of fact, tell my best friend about my session.”

Just as she is proud of how her photo session turned out, Ms. Carla is also proud of her two children, her five grandchildren, also known as her “grammy babies” and her animals.  And speaking of animals, Ms. Carla has one unique talent she probably learned on the job.

“I crow like a rooster,” she said.

Ms. Carla, who was a 2019 Breeder Operator of the Year recipient, also has talents that involve another animal—a horse.

“I was the 2004 OTRA All-Girl Team Roping Champion,” she said.

When she was a teenager, Ms. Carla also worked as a candy striper at a hospital and considers that to be her most rewarding job throughout her career.

Her motto in life focuses on love.

“To have true love is to master the universe,” she said. “To enjoy true love is to master the soul.”

In addition to how she views love, Ms. Carla advises people to slow down, plant roses and to not make decisions based on emotions.

“Enjoy every minute of this precious time.”

Here’s how the former car salesperson would like for people to describe her.

“I want to be known as a good person that’s dependable and I would buy a car from her. I struggle with confidence every day so I just do my best every day. Remember, you’re never too old to be fabulous.”

Watch Carla’s transformation here.


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December 14, 2022

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