Ms. Patti wanted to do the 40-Over-40 photo shoot for her husband.

“I did it so my husband would have something to jolt his memory when he was 95,” she said. “Actually, it was a just a one-to-one experience and it made me feel more confident in my own skin. My favorite part was dressing up in the different things I would never wear around the house (or use to not) LOL! It was a great experience. Rhonda makes you feel like you look fabulous even if you don’t think so.”

Patti listed her favorite trait as her hair calling it “easy peasy” and says she would like for people to describe or think of her as simply a lady. While she believes it is better to just enjoy the moment and laugh, she’s also grateful she can still do some of the things she did when she was younger.

“I can still roller skate, snow ski, bowl, ride bikes, swim, dive or just about anything I’ve always done.”

She also says her most rewarding job has been what she and her husband have done for many years.

“I do believe the auction services we provide put you in the lives of people in need. It is gratifying to know you helped a grieving widow disperse of her husband’s farm or a business owner who needs to liquidate his assets so he can retire or raise money for benevolent organizations.”

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October 28, 2022

  1. Lana says:

    You are just adorable. You looked like you had the time of your life. I go back and look at your pictures and just smile

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