Ms. Kimberly, a devoted wife of 21 years, juggles the responsibilities of caring for her large family. She is a loving mother to two daughters, two sons, and one stepdaughter. Additionally, she eagerly anticipates the arrival of three more granddaughters. Despite her hectic schedule, she took a break from family commitments for the 40 Over 40 portrait experience. This decision was indeed a significant sacrifice for her.

Ms. Kimberly said, “I wanted to feel beautiful and spontaneous.” She walked away feeling wonderful and loves her portraits so much, she carries her little book around, proudly showing it to everyone—no shame in her game. My favorite part was all of it. I would say just do it. You only live once” she said. 

For this 45-year-old Walmart apparel team leader, her greatest achievement in life is her children. 

“I know most people always choose this answer, but I wouldn’t be where I am now if it wasn’t for them,” she explained.  “Three of my four have already moved away from home and they are living their lives. I feel that if they can go out on their own and take care of themselves then I did my job as their parent and taught them right.”

The Ashdown, Arkansas native also has a definite take on what attractive really means. 

“Attitude is one of the best attractions I find in people,” she said. “You can be one of the prettiest/most handsome people around, but if you treat people like they are beneath you that attraction is automatically voided. I mean, God brought all of us into this world naked and we were all equal then so how can anyone be better than the next? If you talk down to someone because they aren’t in the same pay grade/home/job/schooling or whatever it may be, it makes you ugly.”

Ms. Kimberly, who values her personality most, also has strong hopes for how others perceive her.

Ms. Kimberly wants people to describe her as a kind person who loves others regardless of who they are. “You should love everyone because you never know who you will need on your side in life situations,” she said.


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February 27, 2024

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