Meet Ms. Lori, 59, a resilient and compassionate woman from Minden, LA, now residing in Bossier City. She’s a Flora Therapist, Counselor, and Hospice Chaplain, with a background in Floral Design and Clinical Therapy.

Ms. Lori’s decision to participate in the 40 Over 40 portrait experience stemmed from a deep desire to reclaim herself following a challenging 7-year abusive relationship. Reflecting on the session, she expressed, “Rhonda kept things fun and made me very comfortable… She’s a great motivator! I loved all the props and the extensive wardrobe.”

Her journey has been marked by trials and triumphs. Despite adversity, Ms. Lori earned multiple degrees, including a PhD, and overcame a college kidnapping and breast cancer. She also coped with her husband’s cancer-related death. Through it all, Ms. Lori’s faith remained steadfast, empowering her to empower other women and fulfill her purpose.

Family holds a central role in Ms. Lori’s life, with her son Logan and husband James III playing pivotal roles. Additionally, she holds her grandmother, Edna Merritt, in the highest regard.

A fun fact about Ms. Lori is her founding of Flora-Therapy, using flowers to aid emotional processing. Her achievements, from decorating prestigious state buildings to receiving an Honorary Congresswoman award, speak to her creativity and dedication.

Her advice to her younger self and to young mothers emphasizes the importance of self-worth, resilience, and family. Lori’s bucket list also includes a testament to her unwavering faith: leading her dad to Christ at the tender age of 4.

Passionate about guiding others to spiritual enlightenment, Ms. Lori’s greatest achievement lies in her compassion for others and her dedication to their thriving. She challenges stereotypes about older generations by emphasizing vitality and wisdom.

As Ms. Lori continues her journey, she aims to open an Intensive Flora-Therapy House for Women, advancing her mission to revive and restore wounded women.

Ms. Lori’s story exemplifies the transformative power of resilience, faith, and unwavering determination. Throughout her journey, she inspires us to courageously embrace life’s challenges and draw strength from adversity. As she eloquently states, “Beauty and attractiveness emanate from deep within the heart.”


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June 20, 2024

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