Ms. Joyce wanted her 40-Over-40 photo session ideally to be a celebration of sorts.

“I wanted to do something to celebrate myself,” she said. “This helped me embrace the new journey that I am on. It’s good to be ME. The session fulfilled my expectations because I liked the different outfits, poses, and rooms to take the photos. My favorite part of the session was the part that reminded me of my younger self. I smiled more. I remembered that I had a beautiful smile. It was designed to make me forget all my cares about the world. During the session, I was so happy and put the world behind me. I would tell  my best friend it was a carefree experience and the environment was inviting and safe.” 

On one occasion, however, the environment may not have been quite as safe—at least not for one particular celebrity. 

“I attended a Kenny G concert and he walked through the crowd blowing his saxophone and I had a chance to run my fingers through his hair. After that, security warned me never to do that again. It was worth it!”

 What was also worth it was her work in banking. As a former bank executive, Ms. Joyce, who is now 60, was once nominated for the Chairman’s Choice Award. But her most fulfilling experience while in that role was the fact that she had the opportunity to mentor others. 

“It was most rewarding because I had the opportunity to impact the direction of so many young people working under my leadership. I coached, trained, and mentored them to become better.”

Like the young people she mentored at work, Ms. Joyce, a Texarkana entrepreneur, would tell her younger self to just enjoy life.

“Relax more and have fun. Stop worrying about how you are going to survive.”

A quote she tries to live by is ‘bloom wherever you’re planted’ and she says her bucket list includes one day becoming an author.


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February 6, 2024

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