Introducing Ms. Joann, a Sulphur Springs nurse, who decided to make her anniversary extra special by enrolling in the 40-Over-40 portrait experience.

“I haven’t felt happy in my body for a long time and I wanted to give my husband something nice for our anniversary,” shared Ms. Joann, 58. “This experience exceeded my expectations.

Rhonda, the portrait artist, made me feel incredibly comfortable, and I felt truly beautiful. My favorite part was the amazing level of comfort Rhonda provided and how stunning I looked. It was an experience that was absolutely worth the investment.”

Beyond being a devoted spouse, Ms. Joann is a mother of two sons and seven grandchildren, with custody of two. She lives by the motto “suck it up, buttercup!”

In her role as an experienced licensed vocational nurse and assistant director of nursing (LVN/ADON), one of her most rewarding positions has been as a traveling nurse.

“It was great going to other states where there was a huge nursing shortage and being able to help out,” she explained.

Ms. Joann, embracing herself as made in God’s image, offers advice to her 20-something self: “Leave that abusive-going-nowhere relationship sooner.”

With a dream of traveling to Alaska to witness the Northern lights on her bucket list, Ms. Joann defines attractiveness as “how you treat others” and emphasizes that beauty comes from within.

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January 25, 2024

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